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What isTHICKfit Bounce?

A mixed cardio, Strength, and dance workout using Bounce Boots. Whether you own your own pair of boots or you take advantage of renting a pair from me. For one hour in person or via online virtual class, we put in a sweaty and high calorie burn workout. Unlike most cardio, the boots take the impact off of your joints during the workout as a bonus. Most importantly its a fun and unique fitness class done with great variety of music, it will go by so quick for you and you will want to do it again! Classes located at multiple gyms around the Wayne County, Indiana area and Virtual access from anywhere. Sign up for classes here, or via Facebook "sign up" link. Follow social media for latest news, updates, ad events! Like videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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About Me


I'm Katie the owner and instructor of THICKfit Bounce and Fitness! I have lost 90lbs over the past 3 years since making that decision to live a healthier lifestyle. After a long bout of medical issues. Some of many leaving lasting affects for a period of time with my motor skills, speech and body movements. Add two C-sections on top of that, once my medical issues were managed I was 295 pounds at my biggest and not happy with myself. I didn't want to be ashamed of my body anymore and wasn't proud of where I was at.  I started making consistent healthy food choices and working out in my garage on a junky elliptical, and having to push myself to even get in 20 minutes! Fast forward to now and the birth of this business THICKfit, which stands on the principle of loving yourself as you are RIGHT NOW. Wherever your at in your journey knowing you have the power to make whatever you want to achieve possible, no matter what it may be. Breaking the mold of any stereotype or assumptions on ablility based on your outer appearance. I embraced my "thickness" long ago and I hope to help others feel happy and confident in their own skin as well. Little bit of hard work and determination goes a long way. I want anyone to know they can do this thing, not striving for perfection but for personal progress. Everyone deserves to feel proud and confident with your work put in! I'd love to share bounce with you and be a part of your journey, even a little bit, in getting you feeling great inside and out. This is so fun! Makes cardio go by quickly and burns A LOT of calories. So get ready for a good time and a great mood!

"Focus on Progress,
Not Perfection."

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Client Reviews

"Each class is a different and unique experience. You sweat like you've never sweat before and torch calories while

having fun bouncing! I have never been an exercise class person until bouncing with THICKfit! Now, I bounce every

chance I can. It has helped me so much in my health journey.

-Carla Brann (40 pounds lost)

Frankie Bolder


(Pop Ups) @ BAM FITNESS  -  832 Eastern Ave, Connersville, IN 47331

FAMILY FITNESS WORKS  -  213 N 3rd St, Richmond, IN 47374 

RICHMOND YMCA  -  1215 S J St. Richmond, IN 47374

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